Language: Study Guide vs Textbook

These last two weeks I’ve really been getting into study-mode! Especially after I managed to submit my first written assignment considering that my WhatsApp study group sucks (most of the time).

What I find most difficult though is adapting to the fact that the language used in the study guides does not always match that of the textbook, and this leaves me perplexed! For example, my study guide will say, “now read section 2 of chapter 3”. Of course I expect to find the words “section 2” and not just the NUMBER 2!

Even more confusing is the study guide itself where reference is made to study unit 1 or study unit 2, etc. So confusing. Surely the people who prepared the study guide can ensure that the guide and textbook actually speak to each other? I mean why can’t the study guide just refer the user to “2.1 in chapter 3”?

I spend more time trying to figure out these basics than what I do studying, because it makes absolutely no sense to me, and I get stuck on it! I am however pushing through, but it is quite frustrating when I get stuck on the basics of the use of language or referencing that does not correspond with the resource materials!

I’ve also come to realise that there are some things that may be quite obvious to others, but had never occurred to me, until a week ago when I compared an assignment with another student and he had referenced EACH PAGE to EACH ANSWER! I was absolutely flabbergasted.

Later that day I spoke to my son’s tutor and told her about how amazed I was at this student’s page reference next to each answer, and she explained that this is the norm. I asked her how do people/students know to do this. Her response: a shrug of her shoulders, a kind smile and “I don’t know – it’s just something that you do I suppose, this is usually what you would do so that you know where to refer to”.

Basics? Not to me. I’ve NEVER made study notes, NEVER!

It just did not occur to me to ever do this. I somehow thought that you read and retain. I could never understand why people brought notebooks or how they made notes, etc. Instead I make notes of how I can link information that I am reading about to other things like my blog, my job, parenting, life in general, etc. BUT NEVER notes for actual studying or even referral.

I actually think I’m going to ask my son’s tutor to sit with me and give me some basic tips as to how people study and make notes and the why’s of this.

Another thing that I spend A LOT of time on is the meaning of words and the context of those words. Goodness knows why they have to use such BIG words. Here’s a list of some of the words that I’ve had to Google . . .  to ensure that I understood the meaning and context of its use.

  • Brook
  • Coalesce
  • Effaced
  • Entropy
  • Epistemology
  • Inimical
  • Milieu
  • Omnipresent


And a long list of other words! But that is enough for now, I have two assignments due this week and I’ve not even gotten my head around the formatting since both are WRITTEN assignments!

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