I Saw You in His Pain

I saw you, I saw you lurking as I built my wall.
You kept hovering as I masked my world.
I felt your vibrating tremors as you moved around.
I saw you, I saw you approaching with determination.
No longer hiding, you made yourself known.
Destructive in your oppressing forcefulness.
No longer gentle in your attack.

Like a predator, you pounced hard and fast!
Your despicable nature allowed you to thrive.
I saw you, I saw you in his eyes.
I heard his words, without falter,
As he introduced you by name –
Unknown, yet so familiar.
We’ve been living with you for a while.

Now that you’ve penetrated my wall,
I accept you even though I despise you.
And as painful as it is,
I watch you break free – from the inside out,
I see you and I want to annihilate you.
I repeat your name;
Cancer . . .
Look at me as I reflect his pain, his courage and strength
The mirror of my father’s eyes . . .


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