Oppression Cuts Skin Deep

People talk about the racial divide, but has anyone ever exposed the oppressive nature within their own cultures? Well today I am putting it out there! I am putting it out there because it happened to me again this weekend.

Will there be a backlash from me posting this – the elephant in the room? Possibly.

But nothing cuts deeper than that of being oppressed by your own. I’ve had it with people referring to me as a supporter of colonialism – white supremacy, a wannabe white. I’ve been branded this, not because of who I am, but because of whom I befriend, support and work with. My first experience of this was in high school, and almost 2 decades later, I still experience this . . .

One of the messages written on my shirt before the final exams in Gr.12.

These comments have been made to me in both my personal and professional capacity. These comments are entrenched in the inability of people to recognise that it is possible to acknowledge the history of our country, and the oppressive impact that it’s had on generations, without having it prevent us from opening ourselves up to a new reality.

The reality of FREEDOM which is enshrined in our Constitution, the Bill of Rights, the CORNERSTONE of our DEMOCRACY. I will not have this right imposed upon by people who believe that it is within their right to do so just because our skin colour is the same.

This is NOT okay!

I empathise with people who are still shackled down by our history. If you are reading this and you are one of those people, then all I ask of you is that you not impose your anger and reflect your prejudice views on me, and others like me, who are moving forward.

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