23 School Days

23 School days, this is how long it took my son to transition. Now, two weeks into my son settling in, and looking forward to what used to be the dreaded school week, we contend with the knowledge of his teacher moving to a sixth-grade class in the third term!

Reading the letter from the principal, I was initially excited. I thought his class was getting an extra teacher. Then I read it again and realised that his class was getting a NEW teacher! I was absolutely devastated. My heart was shattered at the mere thought of needing to break this news to my son before he goes back to school on Monday. I did not want him to hear it from his classmates.

To better understand the magnitude of this change, you need to read, The Anguish In My Son’s Eyes.

Yesterday my son woke up and said that he wished it wasn’t the weekend, because he enjoys school so much! And a few weeks ago, I asked him what has changed, why the sudden eagerness to go to school. His response, without hesitation, his teacher.

Whilst I know that there is a lot more to this positive change than it only being his teacher. I understand that in his mind he associates his teacher, rightfully so, as the main reason for his school experience being better. It took us many years to reach this point of comfort and security at school. A change that profoundly impacts on our lives.

Today I shared the news with him. He looked at me with the saddest eyes and a hint of fear, and told me that he won’t be able to go to school from the third term. It won’t be the same. We spoke about this for a bit and I explained to him how very difficult this decision was for his teacher, and I shared with him that it would have been very silly if his teacher did not accept this wonderful opportunity, and that there is an upside – he may get a second opportunity to be taught by her in Grade 6.

His response was very mature. “Mom, my teacher deserves this, she is the best teacher in the world, but I am very sad for me. School just won’t be the same again.”

Now we slowly prepare for another transition, which won’t be easy, since the 3rd term also starts after a long winter break.