Die Mure Het Ore

“Die mure het ore” – het my pa gesê.
“Praat sagter, die mure het ore” – fluiser my ouma terwyl sy praat van die tannie om die draai.
Maar wat bedoel dit? Die mure kan nie hoor nie!

Well, I confess, I take much of what is said to me literally. I often have conversations with people and sometimes they use all these figurative meanings that I don’t get. But I’ve learnt to adapt; and if I feel comfortable with you then I will stare at you blankly and say, “uh, I don’t get it”. When this happens we usually laugh while I listen to the explanation.

I mean how do people even get to know when they are supposed to take something that is said as literal or figurative when language is so complexed! In my creative writing, I am expressive, but speak to me and I need to observe and analyse everything, and often won’t even comment unless it is necessary. My biggest pet hate is listening to meaningless conversations, and most dreadful is when I am expected to participate in these conversations – urgh!

These days I make a point of teaching my son these weird sayings – but the easy ones like it’s raining cats and dogs, pull up your socks, etc. because anything else, that I’ve not learnt at school, I’ll have to look up!

So back to, “die mure het ore”, do you know what it means?


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