Are We There Yet?

In life, the goalpost changes all the time . . .  Your achievements today may fail in comparison to what was and what may be, a lesson learnt through time.

I’ve often heard people say, “I’ve arrived!” – what this means varies from person to person, but to me it’s a statement that conjures up a wonderful conundrum. Is your arrival only relevant to what you’ve achieved today or do you feel like you are on-top of the world and nothing can break you?


Most importantly though is that YOU know YOUR goals, and that you DO NOT confuse these goals to that of others’. Do not be tempted to live up to the vague expectations of what others may have of you. Be clear on your own expectations for yourself.

Are You There Yet? Have you mapped out your life plan or are you like me – the plans are there, BUT you live on the fly and remind yourself that NOTHING is cast in stone. Nothing apart from death of course which is inevitable.

Yesterday my son reminded me of how, just like that, the game plan can be changed!


Life is an adventure. Hold onto it, and try not to lose yourself in the process, because you are bound to arrive at a destination which you may not have been on your map. Embrace it! A detour may just be the best thing that ever happens to you 😉


Marion Thomas, thank you for today’s title.