I Survived A 14 Day Detox

Pushing the power-off button on my mobile device, I thought, CHALLENGE ACCEPTED! How easy can this be – a 14 day detox?

The next morning, day 1, I reached over picked up my phone and stared at the black screen. Remember the 14 day detox challenge, I stared at it blankly before putting it aside, opting sleep late instead.

“Did you see Janine’s status on Facebook! She’s pregnant again. Didn’t she just have a baby six months ago?” Day 3. Unaware, I answered. “No, I’ve been too busy living in the real world.”

Day 7, my fingers tapping on my desk as I unknowingly opened a new tab. www.faceb – realising my weakness, I slammed the laptop shut and started drawing doodles in my diary.

Miserable and isolated, overcome by debilitating hunger pains as the detox took its toll. Only 3 more days to go.

“OMG, how rad was that left that Zack shared on his Instagram this morning!” asked Emily as I ordered my fifth cup of coffee for the day, struggling with my determination on Day 11.

The faint familiar sound pulled me out of my book as I sat on the loo, suddenly an urge to rush and get done, someone’s trying to reach me! Day 13, no this cannot be – my phone’s been off and it must be haunting me?

“Chev, where the hell have you been? You’ve not responded to any of my Tweets, I’ve not seen any recent photos on Instagram and no replies to my Facebook messages! Did I do something wrong?”

My friend, getting her old knickers in a knot, as she questioned my lack of communication, even though she only lives two doors down. Surely nothing stopped her from knocking on my door, to share what ever news she had to share with me in a Facebook message?

Day 14, time to plug in and recharge because I’ve been MIA for 2 weeks. No warning notices. I accepted the challenge and detoxed from social media for 14 days.

Day 15 – www.facebook.com/chevslife/ my Page Likes went down from 159 to 98! My Instagram followers decreased by 28% and I lost half of my Twitter followers!

Always up for the challenge.

The detox sucked – it showed me that I live in a world of smoke and mirrors . . . welcome to the reality!

#ThursdayTitleChallenge – I Survived a 14 Day Detox, chosen by Marion Wagner.