She Got Her Wings

Sleepless nights my thoughts adrift on wings where chaos and sanctuary collides with the responsibility that severed my family ties by dimension one thousand and fifty-nine. I remember waking up with a start the morning before the induction at my new job, commonly referred to as talent sourcing.

I was intrigued by the advertised vacancy, stuck up at the dim foyer.

Recruiter needed to start ASAP! Only requirement is the ability to know when desperation claws at the gates of the stone hearts. Knock on the door if you seek entry.

I was dumbfounded, my body died three days ago, and here I was in an unfamiliar space where time and reality did not exist.

Knocking on the door, I expected a voice to call my name. Instead it slowly opened into a black hole. I stepped inside, walking on air since there seemed to be no floor. In the distance of the pitch-black cavity I saw a speck of light beckoning me nearer.

Suddenly I was staring into the world I lived in. I could hear the barking of street dogs, the howling of the wind as it carried the gun shots and fear into the place I once called home. My senses were overwhelmed by fear and anxiety as I watched the emotions of the beings I once dwelled with.

Next thing, I’m hunched over on my knees, overcome by agonising pain, a pain which I soon learnt was the feelings of anguish, fear, hate and loss. The emotions of those left behind, the millions of people walking the earth!

It is here in the dark where I picked up the crisp white note addressed to me, The Recruiter.


Please be advised that as The Recruiter you will feel the pain of many while living in dimension one thousand and fifty-nine. When your soul is peaks in the agony of others, and you can bare the pain no more. This is when you know that it is time to seek out another whose parting will reignite hope, peace and love amongst those who need it most. The forgotten people.

Your job is to seek the quality of innocence. A spirit who only attracted love and kindness.

The toughest part of your job will be that you are NOT in control of how your candidate finds entry into dimension one thousand and fifty-nine. This is left up to The Transitioning Division. Some may leave in peace whilst others leave at the height of an illness and violence.

Those left behind will be tormented, at first, by the way their loved one departed; and it is your job to ensure that your candidate’s spirit can reignite the hope that is needed for love and peace to reign in the hearts of those left behind.

Yours in guidance,

The Agent”

Tonight, I am restless. In this new life, I’ve already recruited 34 candidates. Number 26 was an infant, transitioned in the cross fires of violence. Her performance since her arrival has been outstanding! She brought together an entire community in an area where violence is rife, and got her wings of peace on her first day!

I’m not sure of the path that she will take, but the possibilities are endless for her in dimension one thousand and fifty-nine, but I suspect that she is taking a liking to this talent sourcing business and likes the idea of recruiting for hope, peace and love. I think it is her way of letting her family know that she is watching.


Today’s #ThursdayTitleChallenge – She Got Her Wings, was chosen by Jonene Johnson from Kaylin’s Journey to Sound.