Finding Serenity on New Year’s Day

My New Year’s Day tradition is to take an early morning walk on the beach. An opportunity to start the year with a calm and reflecting mind, preparing myself for any challenges that may come my way.

As I walked near the dunes, my eye caught a lone seagull. Balancing on the wind, like a kite in the sky, being lifted and swayed from left to right. I watched with fascination as I listened to the sound of the waves.

My trans broke when the seagull suddenly dived to the ground, before lifting off to join the flock. In that moment, I wondered what it may have observed while carried on the wings of the wind?

This, made me think about what it must be like to grow up in the world today. I thought about how many people tend to just “go with the flow”, following the masses. Is this because they lack direction in their lives, or because they still need to come into their own, or they find direction through following the masses? My thoughts drifted.

I looked at the mountains and wondered what would have been observed by someone sitting on a rock, overlooking the Valley. Would their thoughts be drifting off to what life was like during Apartheid? Would they be drawing comparisons about the political agenda of current day, and way back when? My mind wandered. Did they perhaps think about their childhood, their future or current day? I don’t know; perhaps this year I should make my way onto the mountain, find myself a rock to sit on and see what thoughts it evokes in me.

What I do know for certain is that I felt serenity, gliding on the highs of nature’s beauty. I felt content because I know who I am.  This contentment was followed by a flicker of sadness as I realised that most people are still searching to find themselves; one of the greatest challenges in this evolution of life.

My wish for you this New Year, is that you find the courage to find the peace that allows you to be.