The Year of Elation and Restraint – 2016

I’ve had epic moments of elation, and strenuous moments where I’ve had to practice restraint in all areas of my life. I am still processing much of what has happened in 2016.

One of the big things for me this year was the opportunity to travel to Austria in June! I was awarded a partial parent scholarship to attend the FCEI Conference. This experience filled me with elation, and I will share my travels in more details with you once I’ve fully processed it. Great appreciation to everyone who contributed towards my fundraising efforts – thank you!

Travelling to Austria was as a result of the volunteer work that I’ve been involved in. And this year we registered as an NPO. We also hosted our first workshop to Raise Awareness In Mainstream Schools, focusing on the development of listening, speech and language skills, and sensory processing challenges.

Before travelling to Austria I finalised a new lease agreement. We moved to our new home in February – a top floor apartment in a Duplex. However, after two months we had an opportunity to move to the ground floor apartment. This was much better for my mom, since climbing the steps was not too great for her back and hips. Our second move took place in April. This time my dad and I did the moving ourselves. It was quite strenuous, but we did it.

I also went back to studying towards my BA Degree. I registered for three modules and wrote my one exam the day before I left for Austria. My most recent exam however, was a case of, “let me just go write and see what happens, anything is possible”. During the second semester of studies things at work was quite intense. The last few months of work was the most unpleasant I’ve ever had in my entire career! So bad in fact, that I resolved to reconsider my options should things not improve by December. The pressures and stress of keeping it all together almost cracked me! Fortunately, things seem to have changed for the better, and I passed my last exam!

Now the biggest part of my life is parenting, and this was also the year in which my son was diagnosed as being Autistic – Asperger’s Syndrome. You can read more about the day I Found My Perfect Puzzle Piece. Things have not been easy, and I’ve perfected the art of restraint!

Earlier in the year I also had the most unfortunate experience of being harassed by a stranger. I penned my thoughts to the Keyboard Ninja, to get it out of my system! I

Throughout the year I struggled to connect with the school and wrote about what it is like to be a Special Needs Parent in a Mainstream School.

I got my Learner’s License; again. My son is quite chuffed with the fact that I passed the test without studying. Must admit, I am impressed with myself, I only got one answer wrong. I will also be very honest and say that I have no eagerness to learn to drive. Sitting in the driver’s seat of a vehicle makes me extremely anxious. I am constantly over analysing whether the other drivers are going to do what they’re supposed to do!

It has been an intense year of great opportunity, significant success and immense challenges. I’ve been most fortunate to have been surrounded by my amazing parents (they are my rock), and exceptionally good friends, who without them knowing it, have kept me going in 2016.

Most exciting news of 2016 was the call I received from NB-Hearing in November, informing me of the new hearing aids that Widex is donating to Kai. I still don’t know how we went from a quote for a new FM System to new hearing aids – Hearing Happiness!

My son is the light of my life and he has attracted all the good that is in this world. He is my happy place. The New Year will be a journey of great discovery for me as a parent.

Thank you for being part of my journey here on ChevsLife – my wish for you in 2017 is happiness, good health and the love of family and friends.