I Am Vulnerable

I never knew it possible to experience such intense vulnerability until I became a mother. Having the most significant piece of me, my son, out there in a world that can be exceptionally kind, but also unimaginably cruel, leaves me exposed in the most unimaginable way.

The vulnerability that I walk around with, is not for myself, but for my son. His pain and sadness I feel deep within – everything I do is done with his best interest in mind. Loving a child with such depth of emotion leaves me defenceless against some of his life experiences that may cause him heartache, fear, anger, resentment and hopelessness.

While I want to believe that this world will always be kind to him, I also know that one can only truly appreciate the joys of life when you’ve been exposed to the less pleasant side of being in this world. A parent can only protect their child to a certain extent, and it is this reality that places me in a position of vulnerability.

Having said all of this, I firmly believe that this vulnerability as a parent, is my greatest source of strength.  It ignites in me the courage to accept my defencelessness and harness the depths of emotion to build up the psychological strength needed to navigate this parenting journey.

I willingly embrace my vulnerability and acknowledge it  as my greatest parenting asset. It fuels a passion that enables me to constantly be the best mother that I can be in the moment, right here right now.

Being a parent makes me the most vulnerable person on this earth, and for this I am eternally grateful . . . As a mom, my heart lives outside my body, leaving me exposed in the most magical way.


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This post is in response to The Blog Tag’s question – What does it mean to be a mother?