The Place To Be

I arrived in a land of sweet thunder. My senses on high alert, I stared up at marshmallow skies as they called to me from yonder. Suddenly I found myself, daring to venture beyond the humongous honey brown gates, my entry to an ultimate fate of  the sweetest heaven delights.

Moving gently, my bare feet sinking into lemon grass jelly as I moved through the enticing gates. Taking a deep breath, my lungs fills with a cinnamon smell that had my neurons firing as I bravely moved beyond.

Exploring enchanted edible flowers, my fingers sticky, covered in the unexpected caramel found in the delicate center of the bright sunflowers. Licking my hands, my taste sensation rejoice, I pause and harvest some more.

With childlike determination, running like the wind, my feet tickled by coconut beach sand, the ocean my only refuge. Overjoyed I float on the sweet bubblegum sensation while chewing on strawberry flavoured jellyfish. Then, my heart skips a beat, as I witness the a silent revelation; trees with melted cheese!

This adventure inflates me and drains me. In the shade of a liquorice tree I see a rainbow beckon to me, wearily I climb the colourful steps where I brush with slumber after finding the treasure of euphoria on the other side of the final step where I decide to rest.

Still chewing on a liquorice leaf, I turned my head, a damp softness caressed my cheek. Bewildered, where have the sweet smells gone? Surrounded by darkness I stare into the night. My drool,  the only remains of my mysterious delight. My dream evaporated from memory and sight.

I wish again, to travel like a child, into the magical night where the sandman conjures up magnificent delights!


This post was part of this week’s  Travel writing prompt frmo The Blog Tag.