Who Am I?

This week on The Blog Tag they asked us to look at “The Self” and answer the following questions about ourselves and then to compare it to what others have to say . . .


  1. Am I an Introvert or Extrovert? I am both, often the environment and company I find myself in will dictate whether or not I present as an introvert/extrovert. But if I have to answer based on the person I am deep within, then definitely an introvert – who explores like an extrovert!
  2. Am I emotional? My personal life, yes, professional life, no. I do however mask my feelings with ease and through experience have learnt to keep my emotions in check, and use it when needed.
  3. Describe me in 3 words. Passionate, Independent & Decisive.
  4. Am I intimidating? I can be when needed.
  5. What is my most beautiful feature? My heart.
  6. Describe my sense of humor. Wicked and witty.

And let’s look at what others have to say about me . . .








I’d love to get your input on these 6 questions about me, so please do feel free to share your answers in the comments.