I Have A Dream . . .

“This is Chevone, the Writer . . .” This, the profound manner in which one of the most inspirational persons I’ve ever met, introduced me recently. Those two words, “the Writer”, was said with such belief and confidence; it stirred in me a sense of pride, a humility and further fuelled my desire to live my passion!

I realised that I’ve been doing myself a disservice by not owning my ability, and shying away from my potential as a Writer. That night I went to bed, a strange sense of accomplishment tugging away at me while questioning why those two words meant so much to me.

A few days later an opportunity arose again to speak with this spirited being, who again went on to encourage me to find a way to write more, to write a book, to share my stories and use my talent. Our brief conversations around my passion, unbeknown to her, stuck with me throughout my stay in Austria. It followed me like a shadow at the break of a new dawn, the possibility had my fingers itching as my draft novel stared at me from my bedside table . . .

Then this evening, relaxed and warm in my cozy bed at home, I came across this Facebook feed  – I clicked through and read the post.  Then, moving the cursor to close the website, my eye caught a title in the sidebar, When Are You Going To Write Your Book. I clicked through, read the post and it was clear as daylight, I need to follow my passion!

And in the words of Karen Griffard Putz, the inspiring lady whom I reference in this blog post: “So when people come to me for advice on how to begin living their dreams, there’s a process: Identify your dream. Write it down.  Begin.

So this is me, accepting the possibility of living my dream. This is me, committing to work my way through editing the next 20+ chapters of my novel (I worked through the first 12 while waiting at Salzburg airport). Karen, I want to thank you for your words, your encouragement and empowerment.

This is it. I’m going to do this! Yes, I have many dreams, some attached to dreams that I have for others (part of my travels to Austria). But writing, writing is a dream I have for myself – a passion that I wish to share with the world. It is a work in progress . . .  just like me.


Karen and I exchanged rocks/pebbles from our respective countries. I travelled to Austria seeking knowledge, wanting to connect and learn from other’s and I returned home inspired to do so much more!