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My son has not blogged in a while, so I decided to collaborate with him on today’s tandem blog topic. He dictated while I typed. You may read more about why I encourage my son to blog here.

I recently assisted him with printing one of his hand written and illustrated short stories of which he’s already sold 5 copies!

“In Sesame Street there was a car shop. There were lots of potholes on the road, and many cars on the road, and there were not too much people on the road, so of course the road would be really-really full.

One day, a person came to buy a car at the car shop. The car shop’s name was “Car Shop”, because they didn’t know what else to call the shop. The customer bought a Maserati Benz. No one was sure what make it was, because it was a brand new model that had just come out.

Then after 3 months more people started buying that kind of vehicle, so you can imagine how worried the first buyer was about the car, imagine if it wasn’t actually a real car!

Fortunately it was a real car!”

About Me: I’m Kai and I’m 8 years old. My mom typed this for me, because she never allows me to type on her laptop and I’m  still learning to spell! But this is my story. You can read more of my blogs at this link


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