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I sat, waiting, oblivious to the noise that reigned around me, a prisoner of my decomposing thoughts. I watched him as he fiddled in his bags, connecting speakers and microphones. Handing out exquisite brochures reflecting the Heaven some hope to reach one day.

I felt the anxiety of those invading my personal space, my senses could no longer deal . . . “This world is not our permanent dwelling . . .” filled the carriage and bounced off the walls, ironically plastered in flyers marketing abortions and penis enlargements.

Staring through the carriage walls, my vision assaulted by flashing memories. All seemed to rejoice in the words spoken of HIM, HE who saved all while my ears hurt and my bones ached.

Rage flooded my soul, while they clapped and stomped with joy. Seated I remained. Drowned in the knowledge that HE has not saved me, HE allowed the world to succumb to temptations of the vilest acts. HE allowed it!

Yes, my fury threatened to erupt as I sat there, my big dark shades hiding the blackened eyes; payment for my ignorance. Referred to as the bitch that can’t do anything right . . .

The gospel haunted me, it assaulted my thoughts. “Sometimes I hurt, sometimes I cried . . .” Through the looking glass I found a perspective that failed to concur with HIS . . . for the actions of HIS followers continues to contradict their spoken words.

My faith shattered, I slowly stood up, struggled to the connecting door, opened it up and jumped to freedom.

“Through the Looking Glass ” is today’s tandem blog topic, 3 bloggers 1 title. All published on the same day at the same time. Read my fellow tandem blogger’s interpretation by following the below links. Comments AND shares are welcome!

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