Shaped By Life Lessons | The Blog Tag

This week on the Blog Tag the word is Inspire, and today’s prompt is “Life Lessons that Shaped Who You are Today”.

I’ve had many struggles in my life, and the most amazing thing about being broken and shattered into millions of pieces, has been my unknowing wisdom and strength to pick up the pieces and work towards fitting them all together to create a new, and better me!

I’ve had so many “ah-ha” moments on this adventurous journey where lessons only become clear to me after intense reflection and clarity of distance that comes with the acceptance that no one is perfect, we all make mistakes.

Here’s taking you on a journey of some of my life experiences that continues to shape the person I am today. I’ve added the links to some of my posts that will give you greater insight into some of these life experiences.

Lesson 1:

Our humanity is not defined by our social status, our race, our religion or political opinions. My parents set me free from a lifetime of regret. Read Mom, Dad – My Freedom Heroes.

Lesson 2:

Letting someone go when the world tells you to hold on, is perhaps one of the most selfless acts, and biggest gamble, a family can take when cutting all ties with a drug addict. Addiction changes the lives of everyone involved, and often the family is at the mercy of the addict . . . Read The Ugly Face of Drug Addiction.

Lesson 3:

Forgiveness, setting myself free from hatred, anger, and a whirlwind of emotions; allowing me to live a life worth loving. Read Living a Life Worth Loving.

Lesson 4:

I’ve accepted that my child makes me extremely vulnerable . . . out in the world, is the biggest part of me, a part of me, a little person whose had to deal with far more than what any child should ever have to deal with. Becoming a parent has opened me up to a depth of emotion I never knew existed. Read The Lesson is Always Love.

Lesson 5:

When my son’s father walked out of our lives before he was born, I learned that rejection is a gift of self-reflection, an opportunity to accept that our greatest strength lies in our ability to accept that today’s dream may not be tomorrow’s reality, but that I have it within me to create my own happiness . . . I accepted that I am enough. Read Single Parenting – I Am Enough.

Lesson 6:

I’ve learnt to always trust my instincts. There are people in this world who have malicious intent, and they often creep out the woodwork when you least expect it. Read Dear Keyboard Ninja.

I am looking forward to continuing on this adventure and hope that through my blog you too will find encouragement and recognise your own potential and ability to overcome adversity.