Game on! Tandem Blog

Today is tandem blog day and I’d love to fill your minds with creative stories and poetry, but time has not been very kind to me these days as I live in chaotic blissfulness and procrastination.

I planned our move from the first floor to the ground floor within a day! My body is still aching from all the heavy lifting, pushing and carrying from yesterday. My muscles are cursing me as I type!

Life currently?

  • Prepare for exams
  • Raise funds for Austria – follow up on raffle – eeck!
  • Get Visa sorted
  • Change address information – EVERYWHERE
  • Question MY mortality and make out a will!
  • Finalize son’s assessments
  • Plan next family morning
  • Go work!
  • Submission of short story for local competition – but first find the instructions!

All I can say is GAME ON! But not without a bit of poetry from before I sign off 🙂

My mind a haze
This life a rainbow coloured glaze
Looming deadlines across various timelines
Procrastinate has become my daily fate

On the fly, my biggest decisions I decide
Let’s move tomorrow, I have no time to borrow
From the first floor to the ground floor
I awoke, my body in desperate need for time to restore!

Exams amidst all these quick fix scams
Fundraising while my life is so crazy
Mothering without being to smothering
Writing, now that’s what I call exciting!

Ready to board
My plane to Austria if I can afford
Knowledge awaits
At those boarding gates!


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