The Beauty Blog Tag

I joined The Blog Tag a few weeks ago and this is my first time participating in any of the prompts. Here goes, let’s have some fun, see my response in blue!


Here are the tag Questions:

1.  What is your skin care regime? I wash my face with cold water to make sure that I’m awake!

2. Do you wear make-up everyday? No make-up.

3. What is your favorite beauty brand? Nivea sunscreen.

4. What are your beauty sins? Not having a beauty regime, oops, I totally missed this memo!

5. What’s in your make-up bag? Uhm, am I suppose to have a make-up bag?

6. You are late for a meeting and can only put on one make-up item before leaving the house what do you grab? I’m late, smack on some confidence and a bright smile 🙂

7. Have you ever ugly cried and have your mascara run in public? Fortunately I don’t wear make-up so I’ve not had this beauty dillema.

8. If you could dye your hair any colour what would it be? All the colors!! Totally!

9. How often do you wash your hair? Everyday, it’s short.

10. Are your eye brows on fleek? What is that??

11.  Can you contour ? What is that??

12. Do you thread or wax? Wax 😉

15. What would you call your own beauty brand? Self-confidence. 

Quick Fire 

Gel or Acrylic – wha is this?

Liquid liner or Pencil Liner – pencil?

Matt or Gloss – matt pics totally!

Salon or DIY – uhm, well, I do go to the salon to shave my hair when I can’t deal with the 3cm length.

Curled or Straight – naturally curly.

Bold Lip or Dramatic Eyes – I don’t know, what does this even mean?

French Tip or Nail Art – way ahead of me, French kiss??

Floral or Musky notes (Perfume) – musky.

Make-up wipes or Micellar Water – wipes, I won’t know where to get this water!

I will admit, these questions were more difficult than I thought it would be. This kind of beauty is definitely a foreign language to me. Do you have a beauty regime? Have any tips for me?