#ctmeetup Poetry

With excitement I stepped inside
Grabbed my name card and surveyed the scene
Quietly I made my way to stand by her side
My arms twitching, like someone who has just turned sixteen
Jonelle – my blogger pal, how lovely to finally have met you gal!

I chatted away, with many women that day
Matching the face to the blog
An impossible task I say!

Then with radiance and high-heeled height
She made her way through the door;
Shelley, you sent butterflies a flutter in my belly
What an absolute delight the minute I had you in my sight!

Soon Eat on Main became abuzz with laughter and love
I retreated to a corner to appraise and admire
The attention to detail reflecting our host
Cindy, 2 kids, 3 dogs and one old house,
Diligently planned with the support of her spouse

My eyes glued on the door, while listening to a joke
That almost had me reeling on the floor
Finally she arrived, my other tandem blogging partner
Overjoyed and blessed, I had goosebumps meeting Celeste

Tick-tock I watched the clock
Listening to Sam, “time is valuable, know your worth”
This hit right home, my time is valuable I always say

Then came Ruan, “be consistent”
A definite challenge for me
As I am a full time worker bee, student and mommy

Alas, 17:45
I still had so many people too meet and greet!
But thanks to BrandRocket I took some of you home in my pocket!
Heavy goodie bag and wine in hand, an afternoon of inspiration
I stepped out into the buzzing streets of Observatory
Tweeting away #ctmeetup as if it it was my Blogger graduation


. . . and here is what it was like to meet my Tandem Blogging partners for the first time in person!

2016-04-09 21.18.41

ChevsLife, The Deal Is & Surviving Jonkersville – #tandembloggers



Thanks Cindy for putting this great Cape Town Bloggers Meetup together, and thanks to BabySense for the lovely hamper that Tyranny of Pink, Jonelle’s baby Oden is delighted wit



I’m so stoked with the goodie bag. The wine I am drinking, but the Rooibos beauty treats and body spritzer I’m keeping for my trip to Austria!


It was unusual to step into a room filled with bloggers on Saturday and not have a blog layout to match the blogger to the blog! You can follow CTMeetup Community for updated info on the next event.