My Top 10 in 2015

This has been the year where I came to embrace YOU, my reader. Thank you for viewing my blog, the likes, your shares and comments – I appreciate it!


Now let’s look at the ten things that stands out for me as I reflect on the year that was, in no specific order.

  1.  I participated in a tandem blog that fuelled my creativity. You can read all my tandem posts at this link.
  2. I wrote a novel!! NaNoWriMo – 30 days, 50 000 words minimum. I still need to edit and am thinking about publishing online. You can read my experience here.
  3. I started parenting TWO! And boy oh boy, oh boy; what an adventure!! Read all about the excitement, anxiety, achievements and FUN here.
  4. I shared some profound single parenting moments about, the most recent post, “The Sadness Within” and then a few months ago I voiced that “I Am Enough“.
  5. Kai received a great rapport dispute his opening up to me about the challenges he faced in mainstream school. Read about this conversation  with my son at this link.
  6. My niece amazed me with her progress in speech and language therapy and she too received a very good school rapport.
  7. I was awarded a partial parent scholarship to attend FCEI 2016 in Austria. I’m still raising funds, you are welcome to share my, “R50 to Austria” campaign.
  8. Decibels of Love was formalised and we have applied for NPO registration as a Voluntary Association.
  9. Psychologically and emotionally I struggled when participating in a workshop on Victim Empowerment and I want You to “Hear Me Roar!”
  10. UNISA accepted my application to continue with my studies and change qualification in 2016! Read about my thoughts on this consideration at this link.

I was staring at this river as I reflected on 2015 two days ago?

Then there are some treasures, like Kai’ first holiday that deserves it’s own blog post (publishing soon), family and friends, who are too precious for top ten lists and the likes.

I’m looking forward to an amazing 2016 filled with many adventurous  firsts!