Accommodations | The Difference Between Mainstream & Special Needs

Yesterday we had a bit of a profound mom-son moment when Kai started telling me that he wants to go back to his old school, Carel du Toit (CdT). I was dumbfounded at this and it caught me completely off guard. Something must really be wrong if he was prepared to leave home at 5:30 am everyday . . . read about our early trek to school in 2013 at this link.

After we spoke for a long time, I asked him if he would share his experience on video so that others can understand what a challenge it is for him at school to listen and process with all the noise, interruptions and other “small” things.

Now we are strategising on how to make next year a more pleasant experience for him since it is quite clear having classroom windows that open up into a play area is a definite no-no, especially during summer when it is hot and windows are left wide open . . . Also CdT only goes up to Gr. 3.

My son is quite the little activist and asked me share this 6 minute video of him everywhere! So here goes. I am so very sorry that I don’t have captioning or sub-titles for this video, but if anyone is able caption this for me please let me know?