Said is Dead

The receiver in hand, “hello?” Her body tensed up as an unusual silence hung in the air. The passage dark, the kids fast asleep in their cozy beds while the storm continued outside.

Suddenly, without warning, she crumbled to the floor, the wall against her back, still clinging to the cordless phone. “No, no, you must have the wrong number!” came her whispered scream into the receiver.

Pulling her legs up, she dropped the phone, oblivious to the voice that echoed in the eerie hallway. “Mrs. Rubain, are you there? Can you hear me?” Then the beep as the line was cut and all that remained was the guttural sounds of her cries.

Covering her mouth with both hands, shaking as she stared at the sliver of light that peeked through the children’s bedroom door. Pushing her back against the cold wall, as if to become one with mortar and brick, she let out a freakish shrill that shook the entire building as her eyes opened wide with shock. “Nooooo, Noooo!”

Seconds later the kids came storming from their bedroom, eyes wide with fear as they jumped on top of her, throwing their arms around her neck and waist, “Mommy, mommy, what’s wrong. You scaring us!?” Came the words as they hysterically began to cry. Only 9 and 7 years old, the apples of his eye.

An impeding reality, clung to the darkness as she wondered how to tell her children. Her tears soaking their hair, holding onto both kids, gulping in big breaths of air, as if she’s been underwater for too long.

“Daddy’s dead” she said, clinging onto both kids as they lay crying on the cold passage floor . . .

Said Rubain’s body was found two meters from his vehicle. He was on his way home from his company’s end of year dinner. Three beers and a few whiskey’s later, he believed himself sober enough to drive. What he failed to consider was that many other road users were thinking the exact same thing – both driver’s involved in the head-on collision died at the scene of the accident, both behind the wheel while under the influence.

Arrive Alive, Don’t Drink and Drive!


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