Extra Fries

The taste still lingers on my palette… I hear the sizzling of the golden oil, and feel the suffocating heat. We survived, three kids and a dog. My meagre income, working twelve hour shifts, six days a week ensured a roof over our heads and meal to eat each day!

The hooting of impatience, like tinnitus in my ears. Scowling lines across your forehead, a memory I’d much rather forget! Your upity attitude, had me use all my will to NOT put boogers on your gherkins or spit in your diet coke!

Like clockwork on a Friday, anxiously waiting for you to collect your order at my window. The extra fries your signature mark. No thank you, or smile. Only a vacant stare as memories flashed me by. Thankfully, I never worked the orders window…imagine having to engage with you for 30 seconds, while thinking of scenarios that could lead to a “fatal accident”.

My colleagues stopped asking questions long ago. They knew it was like talking to a brick wall…Why would I want to share a story that would have me showered with pity? I had my pride!

As the years crawled by, I watched your wedding band mark fade as I handed over your take-away order with extra fries. You, my weekly reminder of the fearful life I once led!

How could I be so stupid! What did I ever see in you? How could I allow you to seduce me and use me? How could I have been so blind to your infidelity and abuse? Why did it take a near death experience at YOUR hands for me to finally walk out YOUR door?

My mother warned me, but I knew better! Now, years later, my “innocence” came at a high cost! Having watched you flaunt your latest fling at me on a weekly basis, while I scraped by to raise our three kids. The fury of watching you swipe your debit card while your child maintenance has gone unpaid for thirteen months!!

You the man I once called my husband, a ball of anger, disgust and regret I keep locked up. Today, standing here, remembering your extra fries as I shake off my past and look at your boss with tenderness and say “I do”…

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