Our Muizenberg Festival Experience

The Muizenberg Festival, is not a “switch-off and chill” event for me since I work in the area… BUT this community driven festival definitely allowed us an opportunity to explore different aspects of this life we live.

Here’s a round-up of our experience:

On Thursday, it was Jungle Theatre’s “The Wandering Whale Watchers” production. And my, what an energetic experience! I loved how the show incorporated 3 official South African languages, and the engagement with the young audience. I sat there thinking, gosh, I must definitely connect Clean C and Jungle Theatre. A production at a beach clean-up will be awesome!!

My son enjoyed the show, even though it was a bit too loud and crowded for him, a bit of SPD coming into play. He loved the music and his creativity was definitely inspired by the recyclable artwork as he crafted some cool things for me on Friday.

I just love the triangle paper bag man!

I just love the triangle paper bag man!

If you work at a school, then I suggest you link up with Jungle Theatre, an exciting platform to educate children AND adults about the environment.

On Saturday it was the dog show, and we were rooting for Badger and Storm all the way! Badger placed 2nd in his category, THANK YOU all for liking his photo and for sharing my post a week ago! We all know that Badger IS a WINNER, no medals needed. Also, gorgeous Storm, won first place in his category. Well done boys!!

Badger and his proud mommy after he collected his medal.

Badger and his proud mommy after he collected his medal.

The best part of the dog show for us though, was when my son saw a beautiful Rednose/Carver American Pitbull Terrier (APBT) who also placed 1st for most handsome dog I think. This was the ONLY dog that Kai stroked out of his own accord. Looking at this dog was like looking into a mirror of sweet memories past.  Remembering our own Xango, our APBT show dog, my first babysitter and Kai’s first best friend. We miss her dearly every day.

After the dog show we took a stroll down to the Palmer Road Market where we had such an enchanting experience with a kind lady who sold herbal teas. Now I’m not the domesticated type and have no clue as to how to make tea that’s not in a bag!! She quietly explained the instructions to me, and confirmed that one teaspoon equals one cup. I thought one packet equals one cup, so this info played a HUGE role in this R20 Detox tea investment for my mom!!

Our tea, note, this is NOT the "secret potion" :-)

Our tea, note, this is NOT the “secret potion” 🙂

Best of all, she shared her “secret potion” for crippling joint and muscle pains with us! We couldn’t  wait to get the ingredients for our “secret potion”, and walked home talking in soft whispers about our top secret! An endearing mom-son moment.

Oh, we now also have a permaculture DIY project planned for December holidays since Kai saw the community permaculture box at the market and he immediately wanted one.

After a busy Saturday, Kai went to bed with the lavender flower that he got from the enchanted tea lady under his pillow. His favorite flower; subconscious memories of early childhood wonder and calm.

On Sunday The Muizenberg Festival culminated in a “Concert in the Park”.  Faith arrived back home in time to enjoy a stunning afternoon with us in the park. She was in her element! Dogs and lots of space to just run and jump and run some more. The music was diverse and the weather played it’s part! Friends of Muizenberg Park did a phenomenal job in pulling this concert together!

Kids chilling out with their Ice Teas.

Kids chilling out with their Ice Teas.

The concert really showed Muizenberg Park off as a venue for gorgeous afternoon picnics and outdoor family events, even though I managed to lose my niece for 15 minutes! But that is another blog post that you can read here…

I am hopeful that there will be MANY more concerts in Muizenberg Park before the next Festival in 2016! I may however, only take ONE child next time round!