My Heart Bleeds For Masi

There’s been an uprising in our local community of Masiphumelele. Time and time again, the justice system has failed this community, and many others.

Mothers leave their homes, fearing, not knowing if the children they leave behind will be safe. Fathers, hard working men, work all day, only to have their few belongings stolen, from their one roomed shack, their home, their pride.

Women, and children are violated, raped, murdered…YET the criminals walk free, sometimes they are arrested, and set free on bail, left to roam their hunting ground, a vulnerable community of hard working people!

My heart bleeds, for our people, for the children and our police force. It bleeds, because our justice system and constitution has shown time and time again, that the criminals’ human rights must be upheld, at the cost of innocent children, women, families and communities.

I will not go into the atrocities that people experience on an ongoing basis, at the hand of the criminal whose rights are upheld. For these atrocities, should never happen in a just and free South Africa; yet they do!!

It is the injustice of the system, that has resulted in an uprising, where criminals AND innocents people, are paying the price; death, injury and trauma.  It has been proven time and time again, that marching ONLY results in lip-service from the officials…

And, after these past few days, it has been proven that VIOLENCE, driven by community mob-justice, is the requirements to JUSTIFY an effective police presence and response. ONLY now, is Masi placed on the Agenda of the powers that be!!! Obviously the plight of this community was not enough, until they took matters into their own hands…community protests and violence…

Masiphumelele community, I feel your pain and frustrations. I understand your anger and recognise that your uprising is your last resort to take back ownership of your community, your last resort to rid people of the evil energy that has infiltrated your small settlement. Children, I feel your fear and mother’s I share in your anxiety for the safety of your families.

I pray that these criminals will take heed and know that they are not welcome. I urge these criminals to accept that you will no longer stand for the injustices that they are bringing upon your families!!

Intliziyo yam iyopha, Ndizohlanawe Masiphumelele. My heart bleeds for you and I stand with you, the hard working and innocent people of Masiphumelele.

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Last week, I also wrote a poem, The Colour of Love, based on these recent event in Masiphumelele.