Assertive, at ease
I allowed her to take the lead
In the booth, behind I stood
Her words, like honey
While I worried about the money

Holding my breath,
Quiet he sat,
I watched from the back,
X and O as the dB lines connect
Thresholds she measured
As I wondered how his story would unfold

Attentive he smiled as she flipped open his file
My knees weak, as I listened to her speak
The booth, the root of my untold truth
A mother’s anxiety no one elses propriety

She freely shared her resources
Extending a helping hand
I studied the audiogram
Relief, I breath, stability as I  read
X and O consistently connect
As I reflect on the previous test

Comparison, is none,
As I thank you for what you’ve done
Embracing not only my son,
But also putting up with me, his Mum!

A Poem For Natalie, NB-Hearing.


Thank you Natalie for your kindness, embracing our family. First Kai, and now my dad. The 80 minutes you spent with my dad, listening, explaining… You really made him feel like HE matters; no audiologist has ever done this for him. No words can describe what you did for him that first day of consultation and testing. You have transformed our lives.

Who would ever have thought that a hearing impairment could lead to such enriching encounters!


My dad and Kai with their new matching “tiger” ear molds. Natalie & Widex, always up for a challenge!



Kai, Natalie & my Dad. My happy “boys” and our exceptional audiologist!!