How To…

Considering that my father is deaf, one would assume that I’d at least know how to take care of hearing aids. Well, I hadn’t the faintest idea about any of it until my son came home with a trial pair of hearing aids in 2013!

I had to learn how to put the earmoulds into his ears, how to test a battery, how to clean the earmoulds and pick up on any cues that could mean a change in hearing or device malfunctioning! All skills that my son and I have since acquired and mastered.

Fortunately Kai’s earmoulds have elbows so I never had to worry about retubing, until the day my dad asked me to please look at his tubes that were too short!


First I had to thread the tube through the ear mold and then I measured the length needed to fit well between the hearing aid hook and the ear mould. Sounds easy right?


After measuring and cutting away a number of times, I finally got the length and angle of the tubing right. AND no one was injured 🙂


Then I connected it to the hearing aid hook, and voila! A happy dad and an impressed son, and me, grinning from ear-to-ear because I got it right!!

If you do however want to learn how to retube an earmould, then have a look at this video.

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