What’s Cooking

Consumed. Addicted.
My survival afflicted.
Constrained. In Pain.
I feel Restrained.

Itching. Twitching.
Now my Bitching.
I hear you! I see you!
Flip! But you not letting it RIP!

My Stoke. I CHOKE!
Whitewash. On-Shore.
Conditions TOO poor.
I stroke you. I miss you.

The backline has flat-lined,
My frustrations!
Peaking. Depleting.
My trusty Rusty,
Bagged for Another Day.
I am very sorry to say.

Surf’s NOT cooking…but we need to keep Looking!

“What’s Cooking”, is this week’s title of a tandem blog, 3 bloggers 1 title. All published on the same day at the same time. Read my fellow tandem blogger’s interpretation by following the below links. Comments are cooking!

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