Running On Empty

I stepped inside, my tattered pants hung loosely around my bones. My feet soggy from the muddy wetlands that soaked through my broken shoes.

Shy, insecure and uncertain, I sat down and stared at the leather-like darkened skin that now covered my hands. These hands once held a tiny child, it loved, cared and nurtured. Yes, these hands were once like yours…

I shook my head free of these disturbing memories; I dared not allow the shadow of the unsettling dark knights embrace to pull me down! They’ve enslaved me for too long; feeding off depressing memories of what should have been… Growing their legions as the years passed me by.

I ran out of thoughts that filled my being with loss, what was, what could have been, what if and why me…It is only now that I’ve been depleted of a pungent emptiness that clung to me for so long, that I can look forward to filling up with hope and faith…

Yes, sitting here, I am free of unsettling thoughts. For months, I’ve been running on empty, fuelled by the fumes of distrust and loss; remnants of my past. Here I am, ready for my cup to fill up as I recall John 1:1.

“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God”

For many years I’ve been swayed by my isolated reality. It depleted me of my faith. But dear God, I see you in my reflection and I see you as I hold my brother’s hand…I am ready to live. Again.


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