Happy Birthday Son!

Son, here I am, writing this to you on your 8th birthday…

Being YOUR mom, has always been at the core of my life ambitions, the heart of my character. I never quite knew the path that would lead me to you…a birth, an adoption, all I knew was that we would meet, some day… I was yours long before you became my reality…

And here I sit, staring into your peaceful face as you sleep. My eternal sunshine, my fairytale!

Happiness, love, and the wisdom to understand, that in this lifetime, you will face many challenges, challenges that you can overcome through self belief and the graceful acceptance that life is an adventure! These are my wishes for you, on your birthday.

Your generous spirit continues to  ignite my soul! In you I see all things possible.  Always remember that I am by your side, the wind beneath your wings…Know that I love you to the moon and back and all around the stars to infinity and beyond. Always and forever.

Happy Birthday! My Honey-Bunch, Sugar-Lump, Monkey-Moo, ScoobyDooBeeDoo. I LOVE YOU!!