The List

You may have noticed from some of my recent posts that work has been extremely busy of late. Wait, busy does not even begin to describe what it is that I am managing at the moment. And last week I dropped the ball!

Adding to this chaos in my mind is the reality of everything else that I need to do…

  • Finalise RSVP count for Kai’s birthday party.
  • Double check party venue booked for Saturday.
  • Arrange to have Kai’s gift collected tomorrow.
  • Remember to BAKE the CAR cake on Friday (never mind that I can’t bake)!
  • Confirm Faith’s pick up time for today, and brace for chaos!
  • Check if leaking batteries damaged the FM System.
  • Schedule audiology appointment for Kai and dad.
  • Remember to thank everyone who donated clothes to Uncle.
  • Take the library books in – it is already two weeks late!
  • Follow up on Kai’s spectacles.
  • Don’t forget to organise birthday presents for Dad and Uncle.
  • Remember Logan’s birthday present for Saturday.
  • Don’t forget Lee’s birthday on Saturday.
  • Don’t forget E’s birthday present on Sunday.
  • Remember swimming lessons start next week.
  • Check availability for Hear2Day meeting.
  • Finalise Monthly Featured Blog
  • Update Decibels of Love Facebook Page.
  • Start with the OV website!

What else? I know I’m missing a few things on this list…my list of things that I still need to get to this week!

Can you pick up that I am all over the place at the moment?

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