The Single Parent Experience | School Concerts

Kai’s been participating in the school choir for two years now. Writing this, brings back memories of the excitement he felt when he was invited to join the choir in Gr. 1.

Last night, at the school’s annual candlelight concert, watching him stand tall, with confidence and pride, was a joyful moment filled with serenity. His eyes on the conductor, focused and ready to belt out some highs and lows!

It is at events like these, where I feel my single parenthood most. Arriving alone with my son. Walking in to take my seat at a table for nine. Me, the lone ranger, the odd one out.

At these events there’s no proud discussions filled with excitement. No. For me, all there is, is silence and a myriad of thoughts as I look around at the moms, dads, siblings, grandparents, aunts, uncles and friends, gathered together around a table for nine.

Between my parents and I, we always plan for one of us to attend a school event when it takes place over two to three days. If my parents aren’t available then I attend all events.

Tonight my parents will attend the second evening of the candlelight concert. They will seat themselves at a table for nine. They won’t be the odd ones out. They will be a couple of grandparents, enjoying their grandson’s concert. They will sit there and nudge each other when my son walks onto the stage. My mom will whisper something into my dad’s ear. He will nod and smile…

Yes, these events highlights single parenthood, BUT it also highlights great achievement!

I can sit at a table of nine, filled with pride, for my dearest boy. I may not have those “intimate” chats while he walks on stage…  What I do have, is a gorgeous boy who seeks me out in the crowd while he steps onto that stage. First he smiles, then he waves and then he winks, I do the same.  And in that moment, we are, the perfect family.

Here’s a clip. Spot my littlest person, the fourth child in the second row.