It walked around, sinister and sadistic. Engulfing you like the choking smoke of a churchyard fire.

It raged within, destroyed all good with each terrorizing desire. Destructive in its haunting nature, it enslaved you and defaced you.

Outside those prison walls they stood, our parents, broken, angered and distraught; as they prayed to their dear Lord.

Enraged you craved, whenever his shadow shifted. Your face an empty hollow as you laughed at our sorrow. Your keepers decree, had our family paying the penalty fee.

Morphing you into nonexistence. Living on the streets, cold dirty feet; it continued to defeat you. Diseased by your addiction, we could no longer reach you.

The next fix, the only high, as I closed my heart and watched you die. The you I knew, he had chewed right through!

Our connection blurred as I watched you walk into the dark, connecting with the sinister and sadistic gloom…you faded, a son, a brother – afflicted by addiction – you faded into the shadows of your keepers gallows.

I watched you fade... into your keepers tirade, fade… fade…


Fading is this week’s title of a tandem blog, 3 bloggers 1 title, all published on the same day at the same time. Read my fellow tandem blogger’s interpretation of Fading by following the below links. Comments are smoking!

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