Parenting Joy Is In The Moments

The joys of parenting is in the small moments that we sometimes miss when we become consumed by the busyness of life. These last few days I’ve had my heart filled portion of special moments. Moments that reflect that he is his own unique little person who knows that I’m here.


Our lounge was transform21895_1148033675222310_2745218156913541149_ned into a restaurant, ‘Spru of Sprue’. I ordered bacon and eggs that came in the form of crumbed bread topped with cheese! Then later we went to the shops to replenish the stock.

I got him to do his math by telling him that he had to do his business bookkeeping to ensure that he is not operating at a loss. I pretended to be the accountant that had to double check the books to prevent any penalties from SARS! This idea, continues to make math homework a pleasant experience.


When I arrived home from work my son said to me: “You can call me TH for Top Human”

And while preparing for some homework, he asked: “Mom, can I read the phone book?” Hell yeah! The look on his face and the high pitch in his voice when he came across an Outsurance and Mazda listing in the phonebook was classic!

Then later in the evening:

Me, looking into his eyes, while he fidgets away from me, “Son, even if the sun don’t rise for a million years…” Kai, sounding inpatient, “I know, I will be your sunshine”. Sneaking in a quick hug, “Ah man, you just know me to well!” and he jumps up and away to shoot his rubber toy at me.

These moments are there every day. He says the most amazing things, at least to me it sounds amazing. Like the other day, when he told me something is hilarious! I couldn’t help but think to myself how phenomenal it is that he has this word in his vocabulary.

In these moments, I find the sweetest joys of parenting. Have you had any special moments today?