Page 51

This week we were challenged to go to Page 51 of a random book, and start our piece with the last line or sentence of the page.  Our book is PLAYBOYSKOOL, How to get Pull and get Laid, by Nick Star.


“Let’s roll…”

…he sat, shivering, stiff fingers opening up the cubbyhole. Intense eyes watching as the tide pushed in…

I heard the softest ruffle of the tiny white paper, as he skilfully picked out the pips and stems, eyes still glued on the pushing tide.

“Fuck! Look at that left, fuck, I need to get out! Whooohoo!” he blurted out as he gently licked the paper. His joint now rolled, his bankie safely stashed, he reached for his light…”Ahhhhh, this shit is good!”

The door slammed, he grabbed his 6″2,  inhaled, deeeeeeply, and basked in the smoke…jumping up and down. “Fuck babe, I’m amped! Look at those clean sets coming through!”

I sat, I watched, arms folded around my knees, the sun just about to set…”Babe, what you waiting for, grab your board!”

In a daze, I zipped up my suit, flexed my muscles, and waxed my 8″6…my faithful Rusty. The cold Atlantic cut through my blood, paddling out on his heels, my board gliding as my hands cut through the water.

The skies a lavender-red, he caught his first wave, manoeuvring his board into a bottom turn, with artistic ease and skill. “Whooohooooo!” 

Paddling to the back-line, a 6 foot swell! The Ledge was cooking, and I was ready! 

I saw my chance, turned my board around, paddled hard, hard and fast, pushed up, jumped and  caught the wave! Salty sprays of water splashed my face, bending down low, I picked up speed…I rode her with grace “Fuck-Yeah! Whooohooooo!” I felt free, my troubles crushed by the wave.

…I wiped-out! My knee scraped the ocean floor, my board went swirling through the air  as the leash pulled my foot. Water filled my ears, my lungs. My chest, burning up as I swam back up to the surface. I could hear my mate, “Let’s roll Babe, let’s roll!”

It felt like an eternity before my face broke the ocean surface; gulping in a deeeeeeep fiery breath, I opened my eyes and rolled back over…safe and warm, as I pulled the cover over my head, in his bed…



This post is part of the Tandem Blog challenge. And my goodness what a challenge it was…I didn’t quite get the instructions i.e. the intro line since I didn’t even know that Playboyskool is an actual book and Nick Star a real author!

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