Blogging On The Go

This morning while waiting for the train an old acquaintance walked past “hey, stop looking at your phone” we smiled at each other and did the usual chit chat of hi and bye.

Then the loudspeaker came on “we apologise for the inconvenience…trains are running 10-15 minutes late due to speed restrictions between Muizenberg and Simon’s Town”

All I could think was; great, more time to write while I wait! I looked around me and realised that I’m the only person who is literally so drawn INTO my blackberry keypad…if only they knew what was running from my mind, to my fingertips and onto my blog!

Thought I’d share with you where I write most of my blogs, on the go while waiting for the train! I wrote this one while sitting in the train and I wrote Is This Enough while waiting for this train 🙂