Surfing With Seals

We froze and almost shat ourselves when we saw this BIG BLACK CREATURE diving through waves within our reach!

“What was that!?”
“OMG it’s a seal! And where there’s a seal there must be a shark??!!”
“Ag that’s fine, there’s plenty of people on the back-line …”
“Oh shit, that’s just freaky!”

…And then the hilarity of our shatty moment had us in stitches, as we scanned the waters surrounding us…”Ag, he’s probably in Kalk Bay by now…”

The next thing I know, my friend’s, paddling on her board, leaving me with my feet firmly planted on the ocean floor while holding onto my surfboard for dear life, imagining the seal brushing past my leg and freaking me the hell out!

Ocean drama! Hilarious! Freaky!

Then I made peace with the seal being in our midst and got back to enjoying the most amazing autumn morning ever!

The water was freezing, my hands and toes numb. The waves were glassy, and perfect for a beginner like me, and the grey clouds added to the tranquility I felt within.

Mr. Seal, a distant memory as I prepared to paddle, catch a wave, get up on ONE knee a second before a tiny wave knocked the balance right out of me!

Squeezing into my wetsuit makes me feel like a million dollars! I can’t stand up on my board yet, but that does not stop me from soaking up, pun intended, the magic of the ocean!

Stoked to be me! Can’t wait to surf in the rain, the most beautiful experience ever!