Kai’s Blog | Fit Kids

For me Fit Kids is very fun, because first you make your muscles stronger and then you do the proper fit kids that is jumping on the trampoline, going on the tubes, over the crocodiles and then zigzagging.

Then you go on the bear path, where you have to crawl like a bear. Then the cool part comes; “DON’T touch the electric bars*”. The electric bars I never touched, but another person touched it and they went like “zzzzzzzzzzzzz”! This is the best part!

Then you get a rope and you must try to get the ground open! At the end we get a special sticker that no one gets for a long time.

I’m telling you this because I’m going to sign up for Fit Kids!!

About Me: I’m Kai and I’m 7 years old. My mom typed this for me, because she never allows me to type on her laptop and I’m  still learning to spell! But this is my story 🙂

Mom’s note about Kai’s Blog can be read here.

* the electric bars are pretend play 🙂