Kai’s Blog | Mobile Phones


This is me on my phone.

To have a phone as a seven year old is quite nice. Except I have to record music through someone else’s phone and my phone only comes with one game.

I have an AG Mobile phone, I got it from my grandpa for Christmas, but you know he actually showed me the phone the day before Christmas and that was why I was so happy.

Now that I have a phone I play music, I send messages to my mom, my pa, my Uncle Brandon, my friend Alexander and Ranusaint, Chantel and my ma, BUT definitely not to the Police, only if it’s an emergency.

The only not so good thing about my phone is that it doesn’t have so many cool things like my mom’s phone.

Did you know that children must have a phone in case of emergencies? Like if there’s a badie at your school, or if there is an emergency like someone’s badly hurt and no one knows about it.

The emergency number I have on my phone is 107.

What type of phone do you have?


About Me: I’m Kai and I’m 7 years old. My mom typed this for me, because she never allows me to type on her laptop and I’m  still learning to spell! But this is my story and I chose the pictures 🙂

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