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When I was seven, I got a gear bike and it was a surprise. I never knew about it! My mom tricked me!

So today, I rode my gear bike on the beach.  Then I parked it and a bird pooped on it! Then I got a hot chocolate and went for a walk.

My bike is the latest Giant model, and when I got it, it was brand new. My mom had to wait for it to get in the country. I’ve had it since February and it’s not damaged at all and still looks brand new!

Right now I am at home paging through a book about home improvements. And I’m working on Freddie’s nerves (grandpa) and he’s working on my nerves. Hahahaha.  I’m going to change our room, pa and ma’s room and the passage!

Have a good morning, or if you are looking at this in the afternoon or in the night then have a good afternoon or a good night. Thanks for reading my extra nice blog.

This is Kai for ChevsLife 🙂 Be cool, cool dudes, I will be sharing more of my stories on my mom’s blog.

About Me: I’m Kai and I’m 7 years old. My mom typed this for me, because she never allows me to type on her laptop and I’m  still learning to spell! But this is my story and I chose the pictures 🙂


This is me on my bike and can you see the sun behind the clouds?


This is my bike. Can you see all the lovely houses and the beach? Doesn’t it just look lovely!


I even rode my bike in the park! Can you see how nice it looks in the park? It almost looks like I parked my bike, hey?


My hot chocolate tasted so yummy! But best of all, can you see the nice sea, it is so lovely.


Can you see me parking my bike and just drinking the water! The water even wet my bike! But best of all the beautiful seaside 🙂


Mom’s note about Kai’s Blog  can be read here.