How To Get Ready For Work

A quick walk on the beach sounded like a great way to start my Thursday, some well deserved early morning me time before work! So I got off at Muizenberg station, took off my shoes and headed down to the beach.

The sight of surfers and stand up paddlers (SUP) greeted me as I took in a deep breath of ocean air, longing to jump into my wetsuit and learn to fall off a board with more grace than I seem to have!

On my walk I checked out some surfer bodies, had a quick chat with two friendly ladies, took some pics, and found a treasured sea shell for my son. The water was divinely cool as it covered my feet and splashed against my legs.

Then I popped to a local coffee shop for my morning fix as I slowly slipped into work mode, only to arrive at the office  facing a desk full of ants!! And if you’ve ever read my About Page then you will know that ants freak me the hell out. So emptied a can of doom on the bin, the carpet, the desk, literally every space that had an ant on it!!

Guess I’ll just have to find a spot near the beach to work from today 😉