The Morning After The Noordhoek Fire

Today I woke up to a clear view of our beautiful Clovely mountains, dressed in the aftermath of the fire, the smoke long gone, thanks to all the fire fighters and volunteers!

Today I opened my bedroom window, to the smell of the ocean, and listened to the ever so sweet chirping of two birds.

Looking at our gorgeous Valley, I whispered a prayer; “may all stay as it is; stunningly beautiful, peaceful and calm”.

Unbeknown to me, another family, woke up to a whole new world…These images, as seen through Jenna Harwood’s lens, striking in its poignancy, a peek into the aftermath caused by the ferocious fire in Noordhoek on the 3rd of March 2015.

In these walls lived a family…


Through these windows eyes peeked as the children played outside on a sunny day.

Outside Window

In this kitchen, warm meals were cooked… 


A basin, touched by many hands, washed after a day’s hard work and adventurous play!


 A few days ago, a place of warmth, relaxation, warm and inviting – me time, our time, their time…


Beautiful nature on this doorstep, framed in the aftermath of mother earth’s furnace…

Natures Frame

A home of love, giggles and tickles…


Memories within these walls, forever live in hearts…


Devastation and fright, the family survived, a terrifying night!


Displaced in loss, embraced by a caring community, as they rebuild and find a haven where new memories are made…

Walking Away

My thoughts are with all who have been affected by the fires. May you find strength in the knowledge that this community cares. May kindness embrace you and hope carry you through this devastating time.

To Jenna, thank you for allowing my readers a peek through your lens, a walk through what once was a family home…

Jeanna Harwood Photography: