Ferocious Beauty

Ferocious Beauty,
A barren landscape you leave in your wake
Homesteads, animals and human lives at stake
Your dance, make no mistake
Had us bowing to your mighty power

Ferocious Beauty,
Your ashes tag all as we hold on, and dare not fall
Your smoky breath has wildlife and birds gasping at air
We watch and help those who manage to flee the scene
Whilst many a brittle reminder of your scorching power

Ferocious Beauty,
As the sun peeks, bright red, peeks through the smoke,
We greet a new dawn of ashes and forlorn
Saddened by what you’ve achieved
Know that  we do not fear your power, we respect and tread lightly

Ferocious Beauty,
In your wake you leave us inspired by brave men and women
Those who do not stand down and keep guard on your line
Our gratitude is far brighter than your flames will ever be
You have ignited our community spirit, and these flames will forever burn in our hearts

Ferocious Beauty,
As we get ready to bid you farewell, we bow in grace to your power
We stand tall in hope, linking hearts across the Deep South
Our landscape will again become fertile with hope, love and admiration
As your ferocity gives way to precious new life, mother nature on our doorstep

Ferocious Beauty,
Your presence is no longer needed,
Please allow us to bid you farewell
You’ve reinforced your power
The statement has been made
Show us some grace, we’ve stared you in the face
We carry your flame in souls as we move beyond the devastation
Knowing that we will rise, again, and again, just like we did after your fierce presence in 2000