Raging Fires in the Deep South

I was up most of last night with a terrible stomach bug, unaware of the fires raging through the valley mountains!

I looked out my window at 5:30am and saw the flames on the mountain. I checked Facebook and could not believe the devastation! Homes were being evacuated, calls for assistance went out to help with the evacuation of the Retirement Villages on Ou Kaapse Weg! Some homes have already been lost.

Only one road open to leave the Southern Peninsula, Main Road! Chapman’s Peak, Ou Kaapse Weg and Boyes Drive closed! We are sandwiched in!

Hundreds of fire fighters deployed, and calls for the public with fire fighting experience to assist! All I hear is sirens. The Volunteer Wildfire Services teams have been working on fires in the Deep South since Saturday!

The howling South Easter is not giving up!

I pray for all the people putting their lives on the line to contain this fire; our Guardians of Fire. Thank you so much for tirelessly protecting our Valley, it’s people and animals!

Sitting here, I wonder where my uncle is, he lives in a very small “hokkie” tucked away in the mountains of Ou Kaapse Weg. I pray for his safety and hope that he rings our doorbell soon!! We have no way of contacting him…and I am worried for his safety.

Our little valley is pulling together and praying together for everyone’s safety.