My Cyclist

Sometimes I think cycling is his life!

Before he goes to bed he checks that his bike is “safely” and “correctly” parked in the passage. In the morning the first thing he usually do is get on his bike and ride in the passage and lounge.

If he wakes up and his bike is not standing as he left it then all hell breaks loose “who moved my bike!”, “Ma, did you let my bike fall again?”, and he quickly jumps on and parks it right.

He checks his bike for damages everyday! Cleans it regularly and is very particular about who gets to ride on it.

If he could, then he would ride his bike to sch10660268_1010907008934978_3865544512527183360_n (1)ool every day. Some evenings he even has his supper while sitting on his bike!!

I try and take him for early morning rides (before 7am) at the wetlands or beach on weekends and some weekdays, if I can fetch him at school then he gets to take his bike. Having a bike ride in the morning makes a big difference to our day.

His bike calms him down and keeps me sane! Especially on days when he is in a “mood”.

On Thursday, after months of saving, I finally surprised him! The look on his face when we walked into the Cycle Factory (pretending to just look at bikes) was priceless when he spotted the only 20″ Giant bike with the “sold” sign on it. He just knew that it had to be HIS bike!

IMG-20150131-WA000They also generously put a silver bell on his bike to ensure that dog walkers and pedestrians are warned well in advanced of my avid cyclist approaching!

We also surprised cousin Faith; she got Kai’s old bike, still looks brand new with unused training wheels.

Here’s some pics of him at the ramps today with his new bike! The gears just makes climbing those hills way easier AND faster! Super fast!





Now he starts preparing for the 10km Jnr Cape Town Cycle Tour!