7 Again!

Want to feel like a 7 year old again? Want to experience that epic feel you see on your child’s face when they having an absolute ball or you’ve just surprised them with the most amazing gift?


I got my 7 year old on this morning, and it was mind blowing. I got my 7 year old on with the COOL MOMS of Mom’s on Board!

Must admit that I wasn’t too sure if anyone was going out this morning, since I think I actually deleted myself from the wattsapp group when I archived the messages OR I’m just so technically challenged that I can’t find the group on my mobile…

Anyway, I arrived at Lifestyle Surf (the wonderful sponsor of Moms on Board) to find many new faces, or perhaps they just looked new since I haven’t been out in something like five months!

Today I didn’t struggle with a wetsuit, I had my own. No need for plastic bags around my feet or hands to get the wetsuit on like the last four times I went out. No, today getting changed was very easy. I could actually bend down to wax my board. Yes, you can laugh now!!

But, when I got down to the beach I felt my heartbeat rapidly racing in my chest, I’ve not done this for so long that my confidence wasn’t quite there AND it was messy with the tide coming in! BUT, I went out anyway!

Cherise from Lifestyle, encouraged me to move in a bit deeper, at least chest height (yes, I only go waist deep since the board is so huge and well I become a bit too technical about what to do when another surfer rides towards me; do I move, do I make a run for it, will they move, will they just wipe-out or what!?). With her at my side, I ventured chest deep into the mighty ocean today. With one push from her and good balance from my side I managed to catch the most amazing wave ever! I didn’t stand up on my board, I didn’t go on bended knees, NO, I laid flat on my belly and with the power of the wave managed to make it all the way to the shore without falling off the board!!

Then I sat on the beach with some other surfers and watched the other moms get their surf on. Like I said, conditions weren’t that great so Yvette suggested that we still have fun and grab some boogie boards.

I was a bit hesitant at first, wait let me rephrase. I didn’t want to come across as someone that’s bailing on the whole SURFING thing, but after a while reminded myself that MOMS on BOARDS are about FUN, FUN and wait for it…………..MORE FUN!


I quickly made my way back to Lifestyle to grab a boogie board, graciously walked back down to the beach and then I experienced what my 7 year old experiences every Sunday at Nippers! The power of the wave to keep you afloat, the ability to just lay in the ocean with a small board beneath you and NOT have to worry about your 10foot board’s leash tying your two left feet to each other while trying to stand up after falling off the board for the umpteenth time. Carefree and Fun!

I absolutely loved it. I could float over waves, I could sort of ride a wave (if that is what you call it when using a boogie board) and I felt a bit safer! So much easier to get out of someone’s way with a small board.

It was however very strange to not have to hold on to a surfboard for dear life, or worry about my footing when catching a wave. I missed the feeling of the 10foot board, but LOVED having the ability to actually paddle and NOT fall off the board.

Yes, today I bailed on the whole learning to SURF thing, but HELL YEAH I WAS STOKED JUST TO BE OUT THERE!

So now you know what to do if you want to feel like a 7 year old! Grab a surf or boogie board and hit the waves!!

Thanks Moms on Board and Lifestyle for an adventurous Tuesday morning. Feeling stoked and loving it!