Moment of Solitude

I arrived at the beach, surprised to still see so many people; perfect timing as I watch the Fishermen pull their boat in.

Looking towards Jagers Walk IIMG-20150112-00489 check the flags. The yellow flag is blowing (confirmation that the exclusion net has been deployed, not for long though since it’s after 5!). A bright red flag with an image of a white shark is flying high; shark activity (always a precaution when fishermen are out in the bay). At the lifeguard station a red and yellow flag signals lifeguards on duty.

Yikes! There goes the shark siren! IMG-20150112-00492A shark has been spotted, all water users flee out the ocean. Cautiously obeying the Shark Spotters protocol!

Moving further along the beach, I’m drawn in to the free play of dogs, digging holes and ripping seaweed to pieces; the life on Fish Hoek beach.

I pass a small family, dad and toddIMG-20150112-00491ler, building sand castles. While mom soaks her swollen feet in the cool water.  Being pregnant is quite demanding on the body! I watch her rub her rounded belly, in deep thought she stares into the distance, sounds of the calm ocean rhythmically blend with the giggles of her happy tanned daughter.

Relaxing here, perched on a dune, I watch the mountains adorned by some gorgeous homes below the fire belt. Oh, what it must be like to wake up every morning with the view of this majestic landscape!

My thoughts adrift when I see an elderly couple slowly and silently walk hand-in-hand, enjoying the peaceful stroll while dodging dogs and seaweed.

Sitting here, the sand so very soft, a light breeze at my back as the tide creeps in.

Walking back along the shore I make time to find a treasure for my Kai. A seashell.

My time, my solitude.  Blissful moments in nature…