Mom’s Rock!

You need to find a good OT? Ask a Mom. You need a lift to work? Ask a Mom. Your child’s broken out in some funny rash? Ask a Mom. You need to know the safest route home from school for your kids? Ask a Mom. Whatever you need, Ask a Mom!

This has been proven over and over again in the South Peninsula. Us moms we tend to just know everything. We know the labour law like we do each laughing line around our eyes. We know all the GP’s, Specialists, Psychologists, etc. in the South. We know which restaurants are child friendly and will go the extra mile, we even know when is the best time to take your dogs for a walk and well the latest crime stats and areas to avoid! We are super human beings. Moms know everything. You need a plumber at 2am? Just ask a freaking mom for goodness sake!

There is NO NEED for GOOGLE when you have a MOM around! No need at all!

Also never ever upset a MOM, she will bash you in the most subtle way. She won’t injure you physically, but she will rip you to pieces from the inside out. For days you may not want to show your face in public, you may cover your mirrors, to ashamed to look at yourself – MOMs define the act of violence without actually getting violent. Moms have the power to see right through your hogwash.

MOMS are superhuman – they can heal the biggest scrapes with one hug and a tender kiss. They can calm a room with their radiant smiles. They can heal the world with their love, if only the world believed in their power as much as their children do…

Their ONLY weakness? Their kids…but this is also their GREATEST SOURCE OF STRENGHT! A mom, even in her weakest moments, will have the strength to resist the greatest manipulation tactics any kid can come up with – or at least this is what we like to think! Our kids, our kryptonite! But beware, our kids also give us the strength to fearlessly act against anyone and anything that may bring harm to them, their friends, their dogs, their cats, their world!

So the next time you see a MOM, approach with caution and be grateful , give her a smile and thank that mom for saving the world, one child at a time 😉