Naming Faith

I remember the day she was born, watching my brother, his big 10457937_1024041030954909_6882246742081526872_nhands clumsilly changing her diaper for the first time. His eyes a mist of wonder and awe.

Looking at her, 11 hours new, she just took my breathe away. He dark hair and rosy cheeks, a tiny bundle of innocence.

In that moment I saw faith and experienced hope. My parents never gave up on my brother; they always believed …

I had the honor of naming her. Faith. Her birth truly 10636203_1048961985129480_1387037045457150379_nchanged our family; she is our blessing.

Now at 3 years old, she’s grown – she’s taller, she’s becoming a girly-girl who enjoys posing in front of the mirror. She loves building blocks and drawing. She is also very stubborn and can be a bit wild!

She gives some of the best hugs. She once walked up to a homeless man sitting on the side of the road, arms stretch out, ready to give him a hug! My brother picked her up as she touched the man’s arm. The homeless man got such a fright!

She absolutely adores Kai and they get on really well (most o1510925_1049515905074088_6225142956911864757_nf the time!) She also sleeps like a rock, she puts her head on a pillow (usually Kai) and that’s it!

Being an aunt is wonderful! My son has a lifelong friend and well, I can spoil her rotten and send her back to mom and dad 😉
I can now also say “you have cousin Faith” whenever my son asks me for a baby brother or sister!!

PS – she is fully potty trained now 😀